What jobs are on offer?

  • Cleaners

    It doesn’t matter if it’s someone’s home, an office or a public building - dirt is everywhere and us everyday-heroes sweep it away.

  • Housekeepers

    Especially older or disadvantaged people need our help. It warms the heart to do some good here.

  • Window cleaners

    You either love it or hate it but if you love cleaning windows then come and help our customers to a better view of the world.

What kind of employer are we?

Here’s some information about us so you know what we stand for and how we work.

The Queere Haushaltshilfe (queer household help) is part of Baumgärtel GmbH. The founder, Marius Baumgärtel, had some colourful ideas about creating a company for and of the LGBTQIA+ community – and of course, we welcome everyone, including our hetero friends.

As with all newbies: in the first phase of your work with us, we offer training, onboarding feedback conversations and a chance to get to know your new colleagues and be integrated in our colourful team.

What we expect from you: that you take the time for an open and frank dialogue. That means that you get and also give feedback from and about your customers, your work and colleagues.

A good working atmosphere works when all take part. We are also there for you in stressful or conflict situations and don’t throw in the towel (give up) when things get difficult. That means we walk this path together – which makes life easier for us all.

We, as employers, want to show that the times of de-humanising, profit-orientated (human-recourses-management) turbo-capitalism belong in the past. Our way of working demonstrates that respectful, humane and valuing management is possible.

We know that some applicants come from unpleasant or even terrible work-situations, haven’t had such good chances on the job-market and so have developed a thick skin. We understand and empathise that these experiences may have left some scars. However, we expect to be treated with the same respect that you also wish for yourself.

We are a community who have created our jobs and our working environment ourselves and for each other. Your participation and time can help us grow so that you get back a part of the earnings that you have helped to bring in.

We are a fair and transparent enterprise. All our cleaning staff work for the same pay and conditions and under the same contract. If you would like different conditions the team will have to meet and discuss this.

As a humane and people-orientated company we will go that one step further for you – for the workplace of our hearts. Are you with us?

expectations & offers

The world is full of expectations, assumptions and lots of uncertainty.
To give you an idea of how things are with us, we have compiled the following facts.

What we expect.

  • You are always on time for work.
  • You tell us or your customer if you are going to be late.
  • You don’t make decisions alone. You involve us.
  • You don’t do things alone that have an influence on the workings of the company.
  • You are available for work at normal times of the day.
  • You do a little more than the minimum required by the law-makers.
  • You take responsibility for your actions and decisions.
  • You are a people-person.
What we offer you:

  • We organise your cleaning shifts so that they fit in with your main job or other projects.
  • We help you with the bureaucracy at the Job-Center / Agentur für Arbeit so that you won’t be at a disadvantage.
  • We find individual solutions to problems for you here in our office.
  • We always have an open ear – even for things that have nothing to do with work.
  • We support you if things get challenging at work.
  • We meet up outside of work to enjoy life and culture.

9 achievements for our workers

9 things that we offer our workers:

liability insurance

If you break something at work you are covered by our insurance.

Moon Days

If you have period-pains then stay home and recover

A contact person at the office

Everyone has a contact person in the office who takes care of you.

First Aid

We offer regular First Aid courses, so you know how to save a life.

Company public transport ticket

A reduced-price ticket for buses and trains is available.

Personal accident insurance

In addition to the statutory accident insurance all our workers are protected 24/7 wherever you are.


You are entitled to 27 days holiday per year plus company holidays. And a day off for your birthday too.


We cover for each other when someone is sick, on holiday or on a Moon Day. We will take care of your customers.

Fair pay

Whatever your experience - we pay our cleaners above the standard amount. Qualified cleaners get an additional bonus.